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Thinking Cup Learning – 2 IN 1 STORY TIME CHESS

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Storytime Chess, a Toy of The Year winner from 2021, is an innovative and educational chess program designed to teach children how to play chess through engaging storytelling. The game is 2 in 1 meaning it comes with a standard chess set as well as a storytime chess set and combines chess instruction with captivating narratives and colorful illustrations to make learning chess fun and accessible for kids.

Storytime Chess utilizes a unique method where each chess piece is represented by a character from a charming storybook. As children follow along with the stories, they learn the movements and strategies of the different chess pieces. This approach helps children understand the game in a meaningful and memorable way. The program includes a comprehensive curriculum that gradually introduces new concepts and builds upon previous lessons. It covers everything from basic piece movements to advanced strategies, ensuring that children develop a solid foundation in chess.

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