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Perfect Petzzz – Orange Tabby

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Lifelike kittens that actually breathe! Making the perfect pet with no maintenance, they come complete with their own bed, brush, collar and adoption certificate. (require a ‘D’ battery to operate – included). They are a perfect addition to a bed or chair inviting pats.

The Petzzz are designed to breathe continuously once activated, there is no ‘off’ switch. They are a lifelike plush toy designed to look like a sleeping pet. It seems soft and cuddly outside, but inside, it’s intentionally firm due to the internal mechanical device. The main goal of a Perfect Petzzz is to imitate a sleeping pet’s look, including realistic breathing.

All synthetic – no animal products used. Product complies with European standards for child safety and recyclability. Product comes with bed carrier and adoption certificate and comb.

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Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm