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Johnco “TOBBIE II” Micro Bit Coding Robot Construction STEM Kit

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Tobbie II provides unlimited scope for self-programming with the BBC micro:bit.

The front screen displays text, numbers and emotion icons.

The body moves 360° independently of the legs.

It can detect temperature, compass heading, play games and much more.

Tobbie is a great tool for the classroom for teaching coding on the micro:bit platform.

The micro:bit board is easily plugged into Tobbie’s head allowing students to program their own boards and plug them in to test their coding.

Requires 4 x AAA batteries

Ages 8+

Child friendly BBC micro:bit ready
5×5 LED head screen displays numbers, text, emotion icons
360 degree body movement
Bluetooth remote control via smart phone / tablet
Two in-built IR sensors
Adjustable head
Motion sensor compass

Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 15 cm


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