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Hexbug Vex Robotics Battlebots Warhead

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Take your love for BattleBots to the next level with this construction set. With over 270 pieces, you can build a model of the BattleBots hero: Warhead. Featuring the push activated spinning disc weapon!
Warhead is a miniaturized, but fully functional, version of the actual BattleBot. You can adjust the angle of the outer wings, or pose the tail in different orientations. Warhead’s spinning front disc is also push activated, so just drive around to fire up the weapon for an attack!
Push to activate weaponary!
Feel like a BattleBots engineer
Build from over 270 VEX IQ pieces
Ages 8 and up

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 27 cm


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