Wooden Toy DISCOVEROO 14pce Educational Stack & Shape Sorter 35cm Truck & Rig




We think this 35cm, 4 shape, multi coloured,14 ring stacking truck with rig is one of the best educational toys we have ever stocked!

Not only is the red truck cabin and rig a beauty, crafted from quality beechwood, it also has open windows allowing kids to manipulate their own characters in the driving seat.

The 14 rings descend from largest to smallest on the rig and are stacked according to their shape - a heart, hexagon, diamond or daisy with each of the rings hollowd in their centre to one of those four shapes for kids to learn and recognise.

Designed here in Australia by Discoveroo, this is a wonderful multi functional toy with great educational value and a whole lot of fun. 

Ages 3+