Wooden Farm Tractor and Carraige with Cattle, Cargo, Barn Door, Ramp & Farmer




So who left the Barn door open?

Apart from the red and white two storey barn façade, also included is the tractor and carriage, a cow, a pig, two bales of hay, a ramp for the cargo to slide straight from the barn to the truck and old farmer Joe himself.

Each of the pieces are made from solid wood and are intricatly detailed and coloured with non-toxic paints.

The tipper on the truck is movable and secured with strong screws while the axles have been built into the chassis for extra strength and durability on the 8 wheels.

To top it all off, the fencing around the tractor carriage is removable so the cargo and livestock can be unloaded and the barn door and windows open up for those bales to slide down the ramp and onto the waiting tractor below when it’s time to re-load again.

Ages 3+