FUN FACTORY - Four Pack Asst Wooden Food Group Baskets

Fun Factory



This one is the supermarket shop deluxe pack of 4 Wooden Food Crates. Home delivery for this order please. Its lucky that there are 4 individual crates or else a trolley would be required!

We have a Meat Crate with Fish, Chicken Drumstick, Steak and Sausage. 

Then there is a Bakers Pack with a Loaf of Bread, a Bun and accessories.

Thirdly there is the Dairy Crate with Swiss Cheese, a small Milk and a pack of Butter and finally we have the Fruit and Vege Crate with 6 pieces of wooden vitamins – a Banana, Lemon, Watermelon slice, Mushroom, Tomato and a fresh Orange.

What more could you ask for? Four wooden crates with a total of 18 pieces of wooden food!