FUN FACTORY - Wooden 'Princess' Marionette Puppet

Fun Factory



Now don’t go calling this Princess a puppet. She is a Marionette if you don’t mind and if you want to operate her that would make you a marionettist not a puppeteer. Sounds better too doesn’t it?

Marionettes of course are puppets controlled by strings or wires compared to finger, hand, rod or shadow puppetry.

This beautiful princess puppet measures 23cm. 

They also date back to the ancient Egyptian times of around 2000BC where there is evidence of marionettes being buried in tombs.

In more recent times marionettes have been popularised in many children’s shows notably Jim Henson’s creations in Sesame Street and The Muppets as well as classics like The Thunderbirds and Pinocchio.

Manipulating a marionette is much like playing a musical instrument. Very few who take it up will fully master it, but the more you practice and play, the more enjoyment it will bring.

Ages 5+