Children's Adjustable Height Pink Wooden Desk and Chair with Flip Lid & Blackboard




A gorgeous desk for kids to do their craft or play teaches at. It also introduces them to the concept of study, preparing them for schooling years ahead. But perhaps more importantly it gets them used to looking after their posture at an early age by sitting upright whilst working which is so important for growing bodies.

There are several features to this desk and chair. The desk has a flip lid which allows for storage of books, pencils and the like inside. The inside of the lid is also a blackboard for kids to write on and both the desk and chair  is brightly illustrated and pretty in pink.

The seat of the chair is 24cm from the ground and the desk is 60cm tall x 40cm wide x 60cm length.

The unit is delivered in an easy to assemble flat pack and weighs 12.6kg in total.

Ages 3+