OOGAA Babies Blue Train Shaped Silicone Feeding Spoon




Open wide here comes the ‘choo-choo train’.

This silicone made feeding spoon from Oogaa is designed to make feeding time that bit more fun for those fussy eaters and with less discomfort for those horrible teething times.

The Oogaa Silicone Feeding Spoon will not corrode or deteriorate, won’t allow for the growth of fungus, mould or bacteria and is heat resistant, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Furthermore being odourless and tasteless, silicone is an ideal material for feeding spoons to be made from as it has no effect on the taste of the food as well as being flexible and naturally gentle on teething gums.

 The total length of the spoon is 18cm, with the feeding head being 5cm and it is available in green, blue or pink.

Easy to clean being dishwasher safe, the silicone feeding spoon is free of BPA, however always use this product with adult supervision and never leave a child unattended while feeding.