Light Up Archery Set


Available for pre-order

The Archery Set Light Up Refresh features an action-packed set of archery tools. It helps develop hand-eye coordination, improves aim and sharpens shooting skills. In addition, it's a good exercise for the kid's eyes as they help improve concentration in them. This is a real working archery toy bow and arrow set. This is perfectly safe for children and adults alike to use. It allows a great, fun way of introducing the sport of archery to your children. This item comes with 3 light settings, each of them unique and exciting for your kids, which help excite their imagination. The item in question comes with one beautifully detailed quiver, one quiver and a set of 3 arrows. Each arrow has a notched tail that makes for easy aiming, as well as a suction-cup head that helps it stick on to target surfaces, preventing any possible injuries. Each arrow measures around 40cm. The recommended ages for this item are 3 years and older.